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Job Offer: Dressage Rider wanted at Dressage Stable Pelikan


Job Offer: Dressage Rider wanted at Dressage Stable Pelikan


Czech international Grand Prix rider Hana Vasaryova is looking for a full-time rider who can strengthen her team at Dressage Stable Pelikan located south of Prague in the Czech Republic.

DS Pelikan strives to develop a horse’s natural talent by using a range of training methods to keep the horse healthy and happy. They see their horses as partners and friends and their entire system of work is based on that. DS Pelikan is seeking for a rider who shares this philosophy.

One of the most respected dressage stables in the Central and Eastern European region, DS Pelikan has built up a large international network for horse sales, training, and competitions. Horses are developed up to Grand Prix level. DS Pelikan is searching for a full time rider, who assist in the development and training of their horses. 

The candidate will work in family-oriented atmosphere, get individual attention and work closely together with Hana Vasaryova to develop and show high quality horses at national and international competitions. The main focus will be on youngsters, but with the possibility to build up one’s own name as a trainer and rider, to grow and to become known in the dressage environment.

A friendly, but highly professional atmosphere will be provided.

  • Experience up to IM1 level is desired, some experience with training clients welcomed.
  • Candidate must be fluent in English
  • Candidate have to show references and a proven record of accomplishments.
  • The candidate will be allocated 6-8 horses for training per day.
  • Health insurance and accommodation will be provided.

It is undoubtedly a great job opportunity whose sports project has a great structure and a strong commitment to Dressage. Dressage  Stables Pelikan  is seeking a loyal, dedicated horse person who needs to respect diligent work with horses, patience and humility. She/he has to be ambitious, reliable with full passion for riding and developing the horses. She/He will have opportunity to train and compete on several horses, mostly young ones. 

Spanish rider Alvaro Rodríguez joined the team as second rider. Alvaro has developped his skills as a rider and has acquired more experience with training young horses. Very grateful, Siscar states:

“Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to be able to ride these high quality horses and keep developing my learning skills. Since day one, they really have taken great care of me and have  treated me so well.”

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