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Annabelle Collins: "Máximo BCN & I, we can only try our best at SICAB 2018"

SICAB has become a work class reference on the International Equestrian Calendar where the Pure Breed Spanish Horse is the sole protagonist during a hole week in the festivities in the autumn in the city of Sevilla.
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Yvonne Losos, a rider that makes her dreams reality based on tenacity and effort

vonne started riding at the age of 5 in her native country: Kenya. Her beginnings in the horse world come from her family, both her father and grandfather rode horses, the latter was official of the polish cavalry during the Second World War.
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Kimberly Van Kampen : "A PRE could be an elite dressage horse”

She declares her love for purebred spanish horses and is a dressage enthusiast. Kimberly Van Kampen, owner of Hampton Green Farm in the united states, has created her “own personal brand” which is seen in GRANDIOSO III, a pre that has repeatedly proven the magnificent APTITUDES of the breed for dressage.

Stride by Stride with the Shooting Star, Anna Buffini

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