A stellar week

CDI5 *

Few months before the Rio Olympic Games, the riders are trying to qualify and get the desired scores. This weekend, continuing the ADGF calendar, the CDI 5 * has brought together many riders from all over the world from Denmark, New Zealand, Spain, Argentina, the Philippines and others.

After the results of two weeks ago, Laura Graves along with Verdades, with much more confidence and strength, showed again her stardom winning the Grand Prix and GPS. With a much more rhythmic piaffe, an impressive overtrack on the tempis and those pirouettes , her final average was 76.440%. At the end of her test, Laura Graves was over the moon.

The reigning test of the week was undoubtedly the Kür Grand Prix of the CDI5 * reserved for the fifteen best classified. Without any  free spot, the American public went crazy in every performance. The final closing of the night was undoubtedly the performance of the Danish Mikala Gundersen with My Lady (video). With a brilliant performance, the two of them danced on the competition arena, obtaining an average of 79.075%, “My Lady was really good. She was very good yesterday, but I planned to push a little bit more today and see if I could put her up a little bit higher in the neck,” Gundersen said. “I had that in the warm-up and then when I came in, when my music was supposed to start it didn’t, so I went to circle. Then the music started, and I tried to finish my circle, but Lady was like ‘No, no. Wrong way,’ and went for the centerline. Once I hit the centerline, she went into the passage, and I knew that we were good.”The pair thrives in consistency, and they are usually expected to finish atop their respective classes. Gundersen noted that Lady is reliable in big atmospheres such as the freestyle, even though she is an incredibly sensitive horse, because she is so well-versed in their choreography and enjoys performing for a crowd.

In second position his compatriot Lars Petersen with “Mariett” with 76,600% and in third the American Steffen Petters with “Legolas 92”, with an average of 76,425%. Juan Matute Guimon premiered his new kür where he finally occupied the tenth position with a  70,100%.

With a double win, Laura Graves repeated podium in the GPS Laura Graves commented that she was not going for all but she wanted to recover and built again this confidence with Verdades.

CDI 3 *

Parallel to CDI5 * a CDI 3 * was held where the Grand Prix went to Steffen Peters with his second horse, the mare Rosamunde. As for the Special GP, the young rider, Juan Matute,  from Madrid based in Wellington for 10 years, debuted in this test obtaining the third position with Quantico de Ymas almost touching 70%.

“I’ve been riding Quantico de Ymas for three years. This is my first special Grand Prix, I am very happy with the results and the progress of the horse. He is a very sensitive and very ambitious horse, sometimes too much, he comes from the Fightingfit line, I really enjoy him. ”

On the other hand, Juan Antonio Jiménez Cobo and “Elevado” ranked fourth in Intermediate I of CDI1 * with an average of 68.050%.

Young Riders

Both Friday and Saturday, the Spanish anthem sounded on the international arena of AGDF. Juan Matute doubled in the Young Riders category with his inseparable Dhannie de Ymas.